How To Post Bail

So you’ve been arrested, visited court, and the judge has now determined a bail cost for you to be set free. This is normal in the Connecticut judicial process, a bail amount is typically determined by the severity of the crime.

In most cases the bond is broken down into a surety bond. A surety bond works like this – lets say you were arrested in Connecticut and needed a bail bonds in waterbury CT, the judge would then give you two options. One is you can pay the full bail amount (typically $10,000) which you could then receive your money back after your court trial, or you can have a professional bail bonds man claim a surety bond which is basically a promise to the court that the defendant will appear at his/her’s normal court dates.

What Is The Bail Bonds Process

What Is The Bail Bonds Process

The chart above shows you an infographic of the bail-bonds process…

Most people don’t have $10,000 at their discretion to post bail so the surety bond is always the best option. The bondsman ensures the state of Connecticut a promissory note that the defendant will be at the court of all of their appearances. This is important for both parties as a mutual agreement comes into play from both the defendant and the professional.

You can post bail for many reasons, the biggest reason to post bail is for common arrests like: DWI, Immigration, robbery, aggravated assaults, burglary, Larceny, Fraud, and other crimes with the state of Connecticut. Whatever the arrest is you need a professional bondsman that can offer fast, professional, courteous services with affordable payments. Get started is the most important step in the process, thats why we recommend hiring a professional with plenty of years in experience that can offer 24/7 service so you don’t have to be held in jail.


Before you get started, take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions when posting bail:

Do I Get My Money Back? 

In most cases, you do not get the premium that you payed back (this is the amount you payed your bail-bondsman to get you out of jail). The premium is a service fee for you to successfully be let out. If the bondsman fails to live up to his/her contract with the court, only then will you receive some sort of a refund.

Are Bail Bondsman Expensive?

The short answer is yes. There is nothing worse than sitting in jail with a hefty price tag to be released. A typical bail agent will charge anywhere between 5-15% depending on your bail amount and the charge being held against you. Using an example – if your bail is $10,000 and you hire a trusted bail agent with a fee of 5%… it would then cost you only $500 to successfully get out of jail and begin the normal court process.

Do Bail Agents Work With Immigration Cases? 

Yes. Immigration cases are becoming demanding as more culture comes into the United States. Immigration defendants have more at risk as there is a possibility of deportation from the United States to their home county. After a defendant has been arrested from agencies like ICE they are then detained until they have an immigration hearing which can last months. These cases are increasingly delicate and should always be approached by a seasoned professional.